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Auditory Verbal Education:
Hearing Voices

Jane Peters MEd CTD LSLS AVEd

AST Practitioner

Educational Consultant

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What is Auditory Verbal Education?

Auditory Verbal Therapy is a highly specialized early intervention program which equips parents with the skills to maximize their deaf child’s speech and language development. The Auditory Verbal approach stimulates auditory brain development and enables deaf children with hearing aids and cochlear implants to make sense of the sound relayed by their devices.  As a result, children with hearing loss are better able to develop listening and spoken language skills, with the aim of giving them the same opportunities and an equal start in life as hearing children.

Through play-based therapy sessions, parents are given the tools – Auditory Verbal techniques and strategies – to develop their child’s listening and spoken language. Auditory Verbal therapy enables parents to help their child to make the best possible use of his or her hearing technology and equips parents to check and troubleshoot it in collaboration with their audiology team. This will maximize a child’s access to sound so that listening and spoken language skills can be developed to the fullest extent possible.

As a result of aggressive audiological management and poignant intervention, the child develops a listening attitude so that paying attention to the sound around them becomes automatic. Hearing and listening become an integral part of communication, play, education and eventually work.

All learning from the sessions carries over into daily life. This means that at home, parents can make everyday activities such as setting the table or reading a story into a fun listening and learning opportunity.

Sessions generally last for about an hour, and in this time of physical distancing, are conducted virtually.

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The Value of Auditory Skills Training for Adults

Making the most of your new listening technology

Making the decision to receive a cochlear implant as an adult is daunting, and can cause anxiety about outcomes and expectations from your new device. This is also time for exciting experiences that can open the world for individuals previously deprived of clear sound. The goal of Auditory Skills Training is to enable adults who have been implanted with with cochlear implant technology - and their listening partners - to develop the techniques and confidence to maximize listening skills in everyday situations.
Sessions generally run for about an hour, and, in this time of physical distancing, are conducted virtually.

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See What My Clients and Colleagues Are Saying

Jane has been an ongoing mentor and coach for over 14 years. From the moment she first stepped into my classroom, to more recent years, where she has provided workshops and training to support my needs as a teacher of DHH students. Jane has provided ongoing valuable insight, advice and realistic solutions for various age and ability levels in my classroom and with individual students seeking therapy. Jane trains teachers and therapists with vision and expertise. Her ability to deliver training and/or solutions with compassion, patience, clarity and humour, is unmatched in the field.

Sandra Adamson, Teacher of the Deaf

I have a severe-to-profound hearing loss for which I wear a hearing aid and a cochlear implant. I am also an audiologist and an aural rehabilitation specialist working with infants, children, and adults with hearing loss and their families. Hearing and understanding what I hear is critical for the work that I do. Although I hear very well during daily life and can talk on the phone, I have difficulty multi-tasking and understanding the fast-paced conversations that happen around me. Especially in situations where speakers are wearing face-masks. So, I called Jane. 

Jane began providing Auditory Skills Training sessions for me and my family. She set the AST sessions up in my kitchen with my daughter and me, and the three of us worked together to challenge and grow my "multi-tasking" listening skills. Jane created fun sessions by honing in on my interests in learning to cook healthier and using these cooking sessions to create practical and engaging activities that also improved my listening skills. Improvement was noticed with each session. Three months later, I find that I'm better able to pick up and understand the conversations that are happening around me such as in my house while I'm in the kitchen cooking or in noisy listening environments like restaurants.

Simply put, sessions with Jane are enjoyable, meaningful, and have an immediate impact on my daily listening skills. I find that I'm a LOT more confident in my listening skills in the community- especially with speakers who wear masks. If you want more listening confidence and success, I highly recommend calling Jane. You deserve to have a listening change for the better!

Karen McIver-Lux, LSLSCert AVT, Aud(c)

Jane Peters was employed with our family for a period of approximately five years.
Over that period of time, Jane became like a member of the family, and was very intuitive with our son Darrell concerning his educational needs and desires.
Jane included outings and fascinating class lessons for our child. Darrell was always looking forward to her arrivals and often times would ask for Jane on the days between visits!
Jane Peters goes above and beyond the call of duty with regard to thoroughness and execution of educational lessons. Jane would bring exciting and thought provoking learning tools to our home so that lesson time was always fun and challenging for Darrell. Darrell excelled under her tutelage and became a young boy who could communicate now, where others understood him. For some time, others would simply guess what Darrell was trying to say, and with Jane's wonderful work with him, he was able to speak with better pronunciation and clarity, so much so, that we transferred him from a deaf and hard of hearing school to an English speaking school!
We are delighted to recommend Jane Peters as one of the best Auditory Verbal instructors we have had the pleasure and experience of working with. One would be hard-pressed to find such an intuitive and inspirational teacher.

Michelle Biggers - Parent

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