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Dedicated & Experienced

I am an LSLS Certified Auditory Verbal Educator, an Auditory Skills Training practitioner and a certified teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing. I have worked with adults and children with hearing loss for more than 30 years, and am dedicated to assisting all clients in maximizing their auditory access and in developing strong advocacy skills.
I have a strong background in linguistics and language development, and am fluent in English and ASL (American Sign Language)

Educational Consultant

I have a Masters in Education of the Deaf, and more than 30 years experience working with children and families, navigating the educational system and advocating for children who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

Listening and Spoken Language Specialist

Many parents wish their deaf and hard of hearing child to learn to listen and speak. I work to coach and guide parents to become their child's first and best teacher, according to Auditory Verbal philosophy and practice.

Auditory Skills Practitioner

It is crucial for adults to engage with an AST practitioner when they receive new cochlear implant technology. As an AST practitioner, i can assist adult listeners to maximize their listening potentials and help them develop critical self-advocacy skills.

Dedicated and Experienced Professional

I have been recognized as an effective and dynamic Educational Consultant and Auditory Verbal Educator in Ontario. I provide clients and families with a wide range of services that will help them thrive and grow. Whether it’s educational planning, direct therapy provision, or recommendations for accommodations and assessment - I’m here for my clients and families, wherever, whenever.

I know that sometimes listening in a challenging world can be daunting, and I’m here to guide and coach from day one. If you’d like to learn more about how my consulting and Auditory Verbal services can help you, email me to book a time to chat.

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