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Services Provided by AVEd: Hearing Voices

Parents and Child

Auditory Verbal Education

Guiding and Coaching parents to be their child's first and best teacher. Services are provided remotely to any child who is learning to listen with assistive technology, and parent/guardian.

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Auditory Skills Training

Listening and advocacy services for adults who have received cochlear implant technology. Services are provided remotely to the client and their listening partner.

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Educational Consulting

Supporting the Deaf and hard of hearing child in school

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Accommodations and school structure

Education in the mainstream can be a challenge for the child who is Deaf or hard of hearing. Schools must provide detailed and targeted Individual Educational Plans for each child that learns differently, to ensure student success and well-being. 
It is critical that parents are involved in the IEP writing and implementing process, and that they understand the accommodations and modifications that essential for their child's success.
The school consultation process may be ongoing, or may be a single intervention, as required by parents. This may involve staff in-service and training, attending meetings as a part of the child's educational team, and provision of parent guidance to negotiate through the IEP and IPRC processes.

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Assessment and data gathering

School programming for children with learning differences must be based on topical and pertinent data gleaned from appropriate assessment. Schools may not routinely assess children who are Deaf and hard of hearing in areas that are of critical importance - access to sound and appropriate use of listening technologies. 
Parents may request assessment in the areas of language development and listening in difficult situations, to assist teachers in planning targeted learning experiences for the child who is Deaf or hard of hearing.
Services include school site assessment of acoustic environments, individual student assessment and follow-up with teachers/staff to assist in determining goals and next steps.

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